welcome to my thoughts & ponderings about the world of web design.

A/B testing for a better User Experience

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing for web design is quite simply what it says in the title – testing the design of version A (the current design) against version B (a new design or alteration). Splitting the site traffic to the separate layouts, then measuring the metrics you want to change, analyse which layout preforms better and overall increases the user experience.

When to test

A/B testing can be used when you feel it is required – there’s not really a right or wrong time and is more dependant on…

Always Learning

After a busy year so far I’ve made the conscious decision to cut back on work in my free time. Not totally cut it out, but enough to give me time to concentrate on other things too. One of those things being what I’m writing about now. Learning.

Learning never exhausts the mind. – Leonardo da Vinci

I’ve always wanted to learn more about web languages. I have numerous books and PDFs on different languages from php, C, to javascript and…

Opening up to remote workers

Being a predominantly internet based industry, remote teams are becoming more and more common across the globe – but from personal experience it’s UK based agencies that seem wary of committing to having employees based anywhere else but the office.

So, what is stopping agencies from employing across the nation?

There are endless programs and apps to help the whole team keep in touch (campfire and Hipchat to name just a couple). I know there’s no communal…

5 Ways to improve the UX on your site

User Experience (UX) design is key to engaging your user, helping to fully immerse them with your site, app and ultimately your product.  In short, the user experience is the difference between a visitor to your site converting to a customer or not!

Within this post I have compiled some, hopefully helpful tips to help you create an overall better experience for the user, when they visit your site.

1. Don’t be un-contactable

There are plenty of sites I’ve been on in the…

Should a Designer Know How to Code?

As I roam blogs and twitter, one debate I see cropping up continually is the discussion: ‘Should designers code?’ It’s a question that pops up all the time and there are people who make a valid point for and against.

Let’s put it bluntly, you’re a designer at a top agency, you have front end guys to slice and code and the back end developers to work their magic. You don’t need to code, right?

From my personal experience, I feel…

New Blog, New Me

Right, it’s about time I really started to pull my finger out, so, I’ve finally got round to putting myself a new blog up up. I’m really determined to start writing on a regular basis on all things design related. I don’t really know why I’ve waited so long. I’ve wanted to write a blog for such a long time just never got round to it.

I already have a couple of posts in the bank ready and I’ll mix up…